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New York Gay History

After living in New York City for 9 years I realized I haven’t explored the history of the city.  I came out in this city.  That was after years of living in the closet and benefiting from the fact that there are plenty of opportunities/places/parties to explore your sexuality.  Moving from the Midwest I was especially amazed at the diversity within the gay culture in New York.  I am very appreciative for the opportunity to explore in a safe city and place that enabled me and thousands like me to do the same.

This opportunity would not have been possible without the people that came before me and made it possible to find dark corners and events to celebrate being gay.  When I started to explore the history of the city I was shocked at the lack of documentation to discovery who blazed the trail before me.

Where It all Began

As I started to research the history I came across pieces of history I never knew about.  To start I thought we would take it back to the beginning.

The first thing I learned about Gay History in NYC was Stonewall.  I am not even sure how I first encountered the story but it is absolutely the first thing I remember hearing about Gays in New York.  The New York Times has a good piece that explores the origins beyond Stonewall.  To be honest before living in the city I was not even aware that Stonewall as a physical bar.

This timeline of LGBTQ events in NYC is also a good illustration of the history throughout the city.

I love this map that charts LGBT historic sites around the city.  This is a good place to reference if you are looking for some quick places or maybe undiscovered places around you.

Share Your piece of History

Have a piece of history you know about or would like to learn more about send us a message a!

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