Top 5 NYC Bars for Game Night

Trying to plan a memorable evening with a group of friends, and tired of visiting the same hum-drum locations? Know a group of competitive fanatics looking to let off some steam? A game-night bar trip is the perfect solution. A step up from just sitting around drinking beers, but still with relaxing ambience that allows for conversation and camaraderie, these NYC locations are definitely worth a visit.


One of the first bars to feature arcade games in NYC, Barcade now has two locations in Manhattan and the original location in Williamsburg. Their selection highlights American craft beers

The Uncommons

A board game-centered establishment, The Uncommons boasts more than 750 options for board and card game enthusiasts, from Apples to Apples to Magic The Gathering nights. Also open during the day, The Uncommons offers a full selection of coffee beverages as well.

Fat Cat

This downstairs billiards hall has a whole range of game tables, from ping pong to shuffleboard to pool. It’s spacious and the games are the main attraction, so you’re sure to get a table. Also enjoy a selection of drinks at the bar and live jazz performed regularly by house bands.

Crocodile Lounge

Based in Gramercy Park, This bar boasts a free personal pizza that comes with every drink purchase. On top of that, there’s skee ball in the back, along with a patio where — weather permitting — you can enjoy the refreshing night air.

Union Hall

Visit this two-story bar in Park Slope for events, live comedy, and an array of beer choices. The key feature is the full-size bocce pit on the first floor, where competitive bar-goers can get their game on. Check their website for a list of events.

Two-Bit’s Retro Arcade

For those with a love of old-fashioned arcade games, this is definitely the place to hit up. Arcade games included retro games like Donkey Kong and Frogger. Beer and wine are served along with a selection of bar bites.

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