Best Hot Chocolate Places To Beat The Winter Chill

Looking for a cup of cocoa to beat the winter chill? New York is known to be the home of both haute cuisine and quirky food trends, and you’ll find both in the search for the perfect cup of hot chocolate. These restaurants — from approachable to romantic — are serving up twists on the classic beverage, and make for some don’t-miss detours for visitors with a sweet tooth.


This SoHo location, named for it’s founder Maribel Lieberman, specializes in hot chocolate, and in addition to their cafe, also offers an extensive selection of mixes that you can bring home and use to recreate their signature recipes. The selection includes spicy hot chocolate, machta hot chocolate, and white hot chocolate.

Squish Marshmallows

What’s a better pairing than hot chocolate and marshmallows? This shop offers a whole menu of hand-cut, artisanal marshmallows, perfect for pairing with a cup of hot cocoa. Also, marshmallows can be roasted on-site for a modern by-the-campfire experience.

Cocoa Bar

Perfect for a date night, this restaurant located on Clinton Street offers a wine and tapas menu, along with a range of chocolate infused cocktails. Their (non-alcoholic) hot chocolate was named one of CBS’s top 5 Hot Chocolate Drinks in 2015.

The Chocolate Room

The Chocolate Room is much more than just a room. It’s basically a desert oasis in the middle of Brooklyn.

City Bakery

This is has been a long time favorite of the team here at All The Things. From the very rich hot chocolate to the pretzel croissant this it the perfect place to sit and enjoy some hot chocolate.

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